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Fat 4 Fuel

Be prepared to abandon of all of the 80’s nutrition dos and don’ts right now. Decades of subsequent proven research with over 20,000 patients has shown that the fat-free and high protein craze has made 2/3 of North American’s fat, older feeling (not chronologically old) and chronically sicker than ever before.

The low fat world, high sugar content in everything and an over-abundance of protein intake all break down to the one culprit that is killing us all more quickly than ever before – Sugar. Sugar is the cause of most chronic issues from diabetes, heart health, cancer and so many more life threatening health issues. 15 years ago, scientists started realizing how much sugar was hurting us and in 2015, scientists finally came out with how to combat this epidemic – turning the fuel source in our bodies from needing glucose to function to needing fat to function. And this launched the fat for fuel, paleo, ketogenic lifestyle.

Learn how the ‘old world’ way of eating like a caveman is the best thing you could do for your mind and your body! Learn how it will help you to quiet your cravings for your favourite ‘not so helpful’ foods, help you to lose weight and even reduce cellulite (not kidding), decrease the onset symptoms of menopause through reducing inflammation in your body and balancing the hormone secretions more regularly, increase your daily energy and focus levels and just plain feel better immediately. Yes, Atkins and many other diet programs were on the right track when they started. But they were still allowing way too much sugar intake and that is where science takes over.

The acronym D.I.E.T, stands for Define | Inspire | Execute | Trust. My job will be to help simplify the following:
Define the messaging and research which will Inspire you to take positive action in your own time so that you will be able to Execute and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle goals which will help you to Trust in the whole process in becoming your own expert. I used the word purposefully because we all hate diets. Now it is a tool that you can use.

Since most people need to have facts and figures to be convinced of anything, these are all books I have gained my education from as well as just doing it. I would highly recommend adding any and/or all to your personal library:
• “Fat for Fuel” by Dr. Joseph Mercola • “Eat Fat, Get Thin” by Mark Hyman, MD.
• “Keto in 28” by Michelle Hogan
• “Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis’ by Dr. Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery

My Experience: With over 3 months of being committed allowing my body to learn how to use my fat for fuel, it has helped take down the inflammation around my belly (which has been bugging me for a few years and nothing seemed to work before this time). I have more muscle strength and have tons more sustained energy that I didn’t have access to before. As a woman in her 50’s, this is one of the many health concerns that matters to us!

Important Points to Remember before you start committing to your new way of eating and fueling:

• Take a Before Picture of Yourself: It would be a good recommendation to take a picture of yourself as a before and jot down your goals of how you want to improve how you feel. Building intention into your daily thinking is important when you have those moments of doubt.

• Exercise at least 4 days per week – what I highly recommend is adrenaline training – maximum effort of quick bursts of exercise. I can show you my program if you’re interested to know what I do which only takes me 15 minutes and it can be done anywhere. Regardless of what you choose to do, you have to keep your metabolism fired up as you are adjusting your system from burning glucose to burning fat for fuel. This is vital to understand.

• Be Willing to Let Go of Old Thinking – You don’t need as much protein as you thought you did – Protein breaks down to glucose. So, in most of the books I recommended, they will give you a formula to figure out how many grams of protein you need. It is less than you think.

• If you Bite it, Write it! The addition of fat to your diet through wonderful whole foods like, avocados, whole milk, brie cheese, butter, are almost double in calories per gram compared to carbs. Therefore, you will have to watch what goes in your mouth.

Sources to Understand the Benefits of Good Fat in your diet:
On page 16 and 17 of the book, “Eat Fat, Get Thin”, Dr. Mark Hyman lays out the benefits of good fat. Here are just a few quoted highlights:

• “Dietary fat speeds up your metabolism, reduces your hunger, and stimulates fat burning
• Dietary fat reduces inflammation, risk for clotting, and all heart disease risk factors
• Dietary fat improves blood vessel health
• Dietary fat improves brain function and mood and helps prevent dementia
• Excess carbs stimulate your appetite and belly fat storage and slow you metabolism

Since fat has double the number of calories as carbs or protein per gram, the natural assumption was that lower fat would make you lose weight. Dr. Hyman makes us look at the reality sharing, “Fat calories burn differently than sugar calories. Fat works on the brain to cut your appetite so you eat less overall during the day.” Dr. Mark Hyman

Here are some pages and chapters to look at from the book, “Fat for Fuel”:
• Chapter 2 – MMT
• Pages 87 – avocados
• 92, 93, 100 – 106
• 117 – vitamin D
• 134, 148, 149, 150, 156, 161, 176, 180 – When you eat matters

At the age of 53 now, I am not only feeling but seeing the results of how this new (to me) way of life is. It is uplifting to know that we have the knowledge to make improvements to our current status and health no matter where we started. To your Continued Health my friends!

By: Alli Mang
© Copyright Alli Mang All Rights Reserved

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