When Every Minute Counts, Make Every Moment Count

When Every Minute Counts, Make Every Moment Count

    Have you considered that you are being prepared for something even bigger than you initially thought was in store for you? This mind-set of going beyond expectations is the exact frame of mind you will need to get noticed the first time and every time after that. Use your career as your platform to become the person you want to be. Moving in this direction will immediately breathe new life into your current situation – no matter how out of line with your dreams you feel you may be moving. 

    Change your MINDSET, change your LIFE! Accepting failure, learning, making no excuses, persevering and never quitting, are my definitions of personal success. People cannot sit back and rest on their laurels expecting the world to fall at their feet. We all have to go out there, take the bull by the horns and try every day. Failure is an essential component, because we learn from our failures and become stronger as a result. Business is a game of failure, and most entrepreneurs fail far more than they win. It takes tenacity, willpower, work ethic and the attitude to “never to give up.” It is within us all. We just have to find what pushes our buttons to bring out the determination required for success. We have to want success as much as we want to breathe, in order to achieve it. People face challenges each and every day and often overlook or neglect this message. The world is largely divided into two groups of people; those that do – and everyone else. Most people talk about getting things done, but there are a select few who actually make it happen!

    All the answers you need right now are inside you. No one else has your answers. Find your voice, find your truth. It’s your story to tell and no one else’s. We come into this world on someone else’s terms but must leave on our own terms. Make it worth the journey. There will be many moments during your life that will be questioned, moments you would love to splice right out and many more that you’ll want to triplicate. These moments make up who you are and your life. Get to know who you are. Don’t expect anyone else to tell you how to design your life. The truth of the matter is that no one has a clue of what is really the right thing to do. Being “perfect” and “right” are not the guarantees of living a good, rich life. It can become a distraction from what really matters and the more “perfect” and “right” you obsess about being, the further away you are from finding out what story your life will tell. And the more immovable you will be when changes occur. Do yourself a favor and stop hanging on so tightly to what was and embrace the NOW!

    Just let it come out. Stop worrying. Stop questioning. Stop boxing everything in. Life is not black and white, and that is its beauty. Stop avoiding life. Stop smiling when you want cry, stop faking it. Laugh more, love more, and lighten up. Life is not about conquering. Life is precious and is for living it to the fullest. Don’t lose your sense of wonder for it. Live it – don’t watch it. Get in the mix, make decisions, give it your best shot and go for whatever it is you want to do. I believe in you. Figure out who you are, get on with it and stop talking and preparing endlessly for the debut that never comes the way you dream it should. Just enter in and step into your NOW!

By: Alli Mang

© Copyright Alli Mang All Rights Reserved

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