Alli Mang is a veteran entrepreneur. Her business and life philosophy is: What you do today creates your future for tomorrow. Every connection, every action and reaction plays a part in affecting in real time your first moment and your reputation. She is a high pressure sales and online trainer, a 3-time author on selling with humanity and living through the loss of a loved one and has an un-ending curiosity to understand everything there is to know about making every single minute of your life count! Her first national company manufactured sportswear for the sport of curling. Alli has been a performer and speaker for 30+ years and has done more than 100 national commercials and principal acting roles on stage and screen. For 9 years she was the national brand spokesperson for a home lifestyle brand. Their success was record breaking at the network as she and her team built a winning reputation, selling more than $45 million worth of product in LIVE sales with well over 2000 hours of LIVE unscripted on-air hosting. Alli has made it her life’s work to thrive within a “sink or swim” atmosphere of this high pressure world and coaches entrepreneurs and corporations alike to do the exact same thing in their businesses. She helps people tap into identifying what their true differentiating capabilities are. Alli connects immediately with her audiences with her fun sense of humor and genuine heart that you can feel.
     Alli Mang is the principal director of Rutherford Mang Inc. who partners with some of the most influential buyers, directors and musicians in North America. Together, we create some of the most exciting and inspiring LIVE theatre shows. She is the only Canadian to be the lead selling coach on how to be authentic and engaging on camera on the SELL IT LIVE training program with the Harmon Brothers and BUY IT LIVE.