A personal note from Alli….

Being an instant success takes a lifetime to achieve. Business success can’t be achieved alone. It does take a village and working diligently to delight one customer at a time. In fact, the more successful you are, the more contacts and colleagues you have to lean on because highly successful people know the secret to success. The relationships you create and nurture your entire life.

Thank you to each of my high performance coaching clients, every colleague, and friend for their kind words on this page. To see more testimonials– go to Author.

“Alli Mang, your stage presence is UNMATCHED. THANK YOUUUU! You blew the roof off the Raymond Aaron 3-Day event with your fabulous voice and your 90-minute keynote message of believing in yourself, was second to no one all weekend!”
-Jennifer L., Entrepreneur
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

“Alli Mang has become one of my most trusted advisors in areas of Sales Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, and Relationship Management. Alli and I continue to collaborate on various projects and business matters.  Her books, video presentations, and social media presence is an everyday part of my business life.
Alli is of the highest character and is a positive source of inspiration for everyone she meets, always encouraging the best results in others. I honestly do not know anyone with so much positive energy and zest for life. Alli is a role model for new and veteran entrepreneurs.”
-Frank Gump, President of The Frank Gump Agency
Fort Myers, Florida, USA

“Alli Mang is an inspiration that many entrepreneurs need. She has the excitement that many strive for and she is a dedicated leader like no other. I have worked with Alli Mang on several different large scale event projects now and when Alli is involved everyone around her is smiling, laughing, driven to want to be a part of her magic and they overall have a great time with her in the room. Alli lights up the room when she enters it whether she is a production director or keynote speaker. The community takes to Alli’s professionalism and her leadership by wanting to improve their respective careers. We all enjoy her spark and love for life through her social posts, written words and her live on stage presence. Audience members are impelled to want to improve their lives as she provides simple ways in order to do that. They leave events more driven and excited to make a difference in their own careers and lives. I’ve seen it and experienced her magnetic abilities to inspire people. When Alli is in charge of any aspect of your event she will explode your event beyond what you could ever expect. I trust Alli to work on any project and to always bring her A-Game and you should to. Just talk to her for 5 minutes and you will fall in love with her personality. She will measure up to everything I have said. You won’t be disappointed I assure you. Thank you Alli Mang!”
-Eric Bunch, Owner and Lead Photographer NTP2 LLC
Tampa, Florida, USA

“Alli Mang has, without question, been able to enlighten me to see my worth and value. It has been a life dream to show others the power and the value of how I connect with people. Alli has opened the door that has helped me to realize that goal. As a high performance coach, Alli asked a few poignant questions. As I’ve discovered, significant questions that unleashed confidence I have never felt before. Our work together has started the process that I know I need to do to achieve my goals. Alli has an amazing way of keeping the conversation light but focussed and highly purposeful. Through laughter and positive reinforcement, she keeps me motivated and inspired. While not every day is perfect it is so much more exciting to walk this new path that she helped me carve and create. The frightening uncertainty of what I thought was my future is not so scary. I know wake up thinking where will this take me tomorrow. I owe this new way of being and doing to Alli Mang.”
-Frank P., Entrepreneur
Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA

“Reading Alli’s knowledgeable, well-informed, perspicacious books about how she became and a successful woman with the freedom of exploring and diverging into limitless intuitiveness has been exhilarating. Through Alli’s website, books, other writing and social media networks she has become one of my greatest teachers, ally’s and admirable friends. This influential woman perpetuates everlasting knowledge happiness and clarity to my moments and journeys. She has taught me that loyalty to self, constancy and being indefatigable is substantial for a prodigious life. Alli Mang continues to permeate an awareness and determination in me that I once depicted unworthy.”
-Angela H., Entrepreneur
Kananaskis, Alberta CANADA

“Alli Mang and I began to work together with her as my coach when I was starting to take a more focused look at my small business and trying to decide how to better market it to the public.  Every time I got together with Alli to discuss my family, new business idea / product development or show that I would be performing in, she was there to listen and advise on whatever challenge I brought to her attention. The best part about all of this was that it was not a stressful experience bringing my stressful concerns to her.  I didn’t have to have my problems wrapped up in a bow for her to decipher and fix.  She always created a stress-free, illuminated pathway for me to focus on as we talked and laughed.  That was our process and the type that worked best for me.
The greatest take away I got from Alli Mang was to give myself permission to silence the “noise” about what I am supposed to be as an entrepreneur / performer / mother and accomplish everything I wish to by being absolutely true to myself first. This is where my balance lies and balance is what I truly want with all of my life options, abilities and challenges, this is where success lies for me. Every now and then I will send a note to her and ask, “Where’s the hang with Alli Mang?” Because when I hear or see what she is involved in with others it also helps me too. I secretly call her my Guru…because she is!
-Louise Camilleri, Founder/CEO LC Natural Health & Beauty
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

“Alli’s message of believing in yourself is magnified when she presents to audiences. Her refreshing can-do attitude offers insightful and informative sales techniques with a style all her own. Her magnetic personality engages and motivates everyone in the room. She’s fun, playful and is not afraid to get in the trenches to ensure her audience is entertained and inspired to take action that they can apply immediately to their lives and professions. She will teach you how to open new doors in your career, teach the approach that solves a problem, and provide insights that simply helps make sense of it all!!”
–Stacey S. Schieffelin, Co-Founder, Women’s Leadership LIVE
Orlando, Florida USA

“Award winning author Alli Mang is a dazzling and inspiring presenter who entertains and captivates her audiences. She is a multi-talented performer who uses everything she has to drive home the universal message to make every single moment count in your life. If you are looking for a speaker who can connect with any audience and you want to add something dynamic and different to your line up of speakers, hire Alli. After she presented for our event the first time, I hired her again immediately for my next event. She’s that good.”
-Raymond Aaron, New York Times Best-selling author, Director -The Raymond Aaron Group
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

“Alli Mang’s energy heightens the level of entertainment at our events and that’s why we have welcomed her back to speak. She belts out tunes like a rock star. She sparkles and makes you laugh while at the same time, provides refreshing customer and sales strategies that attendees can apply to their businesses immediately. Alli is a pleasure to work with as she takes great care in understanding exactly what our goals are and who our customers are. Alli Mang will deliver an engaging and memorable message that will connect to the heart of your audience and compel them to take action.”
-Wendy Kuchar, CEO, The Raymond Aaron Group
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

“Alli Mang’s captivating personality engages and motivates everyone in the room and her singing adds another dimension to her presentation like nothing I have ever seen before. She gave us something that was very different from the other speakers. Her presentation was entertaining AND highly informative. Alli has an authentic style you like immediately and I appreciated her flash and sparkle. Class all the way.”
She’s fun, playful and is not afraid to get in the trenches to ensure her audience is entertained, inspired and takes home something they can use. A most extraordinary experience. See you next year!”
-David H., Entrepreneur and Entertainment Producer
Stratford, Ontario CANADA

“Alli Mang is a pioneer in the business of on-air selling and now, she is about to be a best-selling Author. She managed to write a book that combines the memorable excitement of selling products on-air with the overwhelming business preparations necessary in the television home shopping industry. This is the first ever publication that actually explains every aspect of our multi-billion dollar worldwide industry and its challenges. Sold Out is a must read for anyone who is online selling themselves and their products!”
-Dallas Prince, Dallas Prince Designs LLC (25+ year veteran on-air jewelry designer)
Los Angeles, California USA

Alli is always a pleasure to watch on air. She is fun and highly engaging and she knows everything there is to know about selling and highlighting the best parts of her products.  She always captivates the viewers by telling a great story, not by pitching. I also appreciated how she associated colours with fruits, vegetables and flowers to help her audience relate to the exact colours and textures so they could make a fantastic choice. She always painted the perfect picture for her customers to say YES!  Her smile and beauty inside and outside didn’t hurt either.”
Larry Dawidowitz, Director, Dewdad Inc. (50+ year Veteran Pitch Master)
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

“I had the pleasure of working with Alli Mang on my first day of working as the newest National on air host. Alli set such a great example with her wonderful storytelling abilities and her calm professionalism. She made everything fun and engaging for us on set as well as her audience members. That is why we all loved her so much!
-Anne-Marie Sweeney, TSC National On Air Host
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

“I felt very stuck in my life and wanted to identify my goals personally and professionally and had no idea where to start. Alli Mang initiated a conversation with me. She saw a light inside me that I have always known I had and saw it was dimming and wanted to help me find my way back to my greatness, which I am so thankful for because she did not have to help me. But she willingly did help me and she did it so effortlessly. This is one of many aspects that makes her one of the best in her field because she looks at every person individually and personally which made a whole lot of difference in getting results for me.
Alli has this light about her that makes you believe in yourself, and anything you set your mind to, you start to believe and feel you can achieve it. Her 2-hour workshop was a fun, eye opening, and surprising experience. We started identifying words that described me best – which was a very unique experience. I was so uncomfortable at first and was extremely self deprecating. Working with Alli fixed a lot of that once I entered her environment. Everything felt so natural and light even though it was a very serious. There was a breakthrough point during the word exercise where I realized I am my the only obstacle. Once I get out of my own way, I will do great things. I never knew I had the ability to describe myself in so many words. Her vision statement exercise made a massive difference to me, making me look at every opportunity in a different light, knowing that I was the asset to my employer.
After searching for work for over a year, a couple of weeks after the workshop with Alli, I found a great inside sales job – exactly what I wanted with a company I had been targeting for a long time. I am extremely happy. I feel ambitious, and look forward to my every day at work.
My personal takeaway from what I learned from Alli – I am a completely different person than I’ve been in years. Every new day I try harder then I did the day before, I look and ask on ways to improve or learn, and I approach every opportunity in my personal and professional life with a clear mindset.
I would like to thank Alli so much for her time, energy, and love! I am now in a job that is moving me forward rapidly and I couldn’t be more motivated to get after all the opportunities presented to me everyday. I show up to work, ready to be my best.”
-Lavenia Prempeh