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About Alli Mang

Alli Mang is a Multi-Million Dollar Brand Spokesperson, a 32+ year entrepreneur and 3-Time Author. Alli is that ‘girl next door’ you feel is your best friend the minute you start speaking to her. She is a born leader who is highly engaging; attracting like-minded, positive people and experiences into her circle of influence. She is a 6-time marathoner, 70.3 Ironman and has done nearly 30 half marathons.

With over 32 years as an entrepreneur, there is nothing this gal hasn’t done. From cleaning palliative care private facilities, to being an inside sales person, selling steel mooring chain, aluminum and carbon plate, to owning her own national sportswear manufacturing company. As an actress and singer, she has performed in more than 100 TV commercials, movies of the week, musicals and worked as a producer and anchor of a local TV news show.

In 2006 she spun the trajectory of her career, becoming a multi-million dollar on air brand expert on Today’s Shopping Choice (TSC). For 10 years Alli repeatedly lead that brand to break all-time sales records year after year. She is a 3-time published author, is the founder of The Leanne Mang Foundation Inc. which honours her sister who took her own life and is focused on supporting those who suffer from the debilitating effects of mental illness. Alli is also the Principle Director of an entertainment management company, Rutherford Mang Inc. producing LIVE shows throughout North America.

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