TV Spokesperson

She Connects Instantly with her Audience!

Alli is a veteran performer of 30+ years on TV and on stage clocking in well over 1400 hours of un-scripted LIVE on air hosting. As a brand spokesperson for 10 years with a national home brand, she built a winning reputation increasing sales exponentially each year, becoming a multi-million dollar seller.

“Alli Mang is the real deal and understands first-hand what it takes to focus your marketing efforts into direct to consumer TV retail. You will learn how this increasingly competitive market place can give your brand voice, positioning and distinction. Sold Out is the indispensable tool we can all reference day in and day out to open new doors, teach the approach that solves a problem, and an insight that simply helps make sense of it all!”
Stacey Schieffelin, Co-Founder Women’s Leadership LIVE
“Alli Mang is an expert and highly regarded on air professional. I consider Alli to be one of the finest onair guest professionals in the business.”
Kim Mendelson, Owner of Kim Mendelson Designs
“Having worked with Alli Mang in the world of televised shopping for the past 10 years I can honestly say she brings something special to each and every project! Her heightened ability to drill down exactly what is needed to drive action and taking things from ‘Show Business’ to ‘The Business of Shows’ is pure magic!”
Hugh Wilson, Former TSC Director of Broadcast Operations/TV Sales
“Alli is quick on her feet and highly entertaining, and with Alli you know you will get a fully prepared, committed, exceptional sales professional who will inspire customers. She creates that ‘best friend’ feeling and is incredibly sincere and engaging on-air. Customers truly trust her and rely on her intricate product knowledge. Her commitment to her profession and her customers is second-to-none. If you are looking for a guest expert who you can rely on to bring her ‘A-game’ every time to create the best possible pitch, buzz and excitement about your product line, Alli Mang is the winning choice.”.
Sandra Smith, worked with Alli for 4+ years as the Soft Goods TSC Home Buyer
“Her on-air personality and clean presentation style make for an enjoyable, informative, and trustworthy shopping experience. Her greatest strength is her ability to highlight crucial product details in a high pressure setting. The customer always understands exactly what they will receive.”
Sharon Snider, former TSC Soft Goods Home Buyer
“Watching you on TSC today. Just as I was thinking the sheet would feel restricted at my feet, you addressed it in your pitch. And that’s why you are so great. You have a unique style like no other, and I love the way you match the colours with props. You are a pro Alli. Love watching pros.”
Larry Dawidowitz, Veteran Pitch Master
“Alli, you have something very special about the way you deal with people in person and on air!”
Stedman Graham, CEO of S. Graham and Associates