A Dazzling and Inspiring Leader

Alli’s message of believing in yourself is magnified when she presents to audiences. Her refreshing can-do attitude offers insightful and informative sales techniques with a style all her own. Her magnetic personality engages and motivates everyone in the room. She’s fun, playful and is not afraid to get in the trenches to ensure her audience is entertained and inspired to take action that they can apply immediately to their lives and professions.

“She will teach you how to open new doors in your career, teach the approach that solves a problem, and provide insights that simply helps make sense of it al!!”

Stacey S. Schieffelin, CEO YBF Beauty

What Client’s Say

“Award winning author Alli Mang is a dazzling and inspiring presenter who entertains and captivates her audiences. She is a multi-talented performer who uses everything she has to drive home the universal message to make every single moment count in your life. If you are looking for a speaker who can connect with any audience and you want to add something dynamic and different to your line up of speakers, hire Alli. After she presented for our event the first time, I hired her again immediately for my next event. She’s that good.”
Raymond Aaron, New York Times Top 10 Best-selling author
“Alli Mang’s energy heightens the level of entertainment at our events and that’s why we have welcomed her back to speak. She belts out tunes like a rock star. She sparkles and makes you laugh while at the same time, provides refreshing customer and sales strategies that attendees can apply to their businesses immediately. Alli is a pleasure to work with as she takes great care in understanding exactly what our goals are and who our customers are. Alli Mang will deliver an engaging and memorable message that will connect to the heart of your audience and compel them to take action.”
Wendy Kuchar, Executive Vice President New Business & Events, The Raymond Aaron Group!
“Alli Mang’s captivating personality engages and motivates everyone in the room and her singing adds another dimension to her presentation like nothing I have ever seen before. She gave us something that was very different from the other speakers. Her presentation was entertaining AND highly informative. Alli has an authentic style you like immediately and I appreciated her flash and sparkle. Class all the way.”
She’s fun, playful and is not afraid to get in the trenches to ensure her audience is entertained, inspired and takes home something they can use. A most extraordinary experience. See you next year!”
David Hogan, Artistic Director, The VPP