As an Author, her Positivity is Irresistible!

Alli is highly personable and all of her content is 100% action oriented. She helps people tap into identifying what their true differentiating capabilities are. Her signature best friend style allows her readers to quickly apply the principles she teaches to their own lives. Alli connects immediately with her audiences with her vast knowledge,  her sense of humor and genuine heart you can feel.

A MUST READ for every professional wanting to achieve top performance in sales!

Sold Out will answer any questions you may have on how to sell yourself and your products. It teaches how to find the power within you to unleash your own natural sales abilities. Through 28+years of performing, training and selling under pressure, award winning author Alli Mang has captured everything there is to know about how to capitalize on your strengths and how to be 100% ON in the world of selling when there are no second chances.

Learn how Alli has honed a highly entertaining, relatable and engaging way to sell that will help you in your career right now. She will teach you how to make a meaningful impact with your customers, how to build your brand, pitch your ideas and your products within minutes.

If you want to achieve your professional potential now, read Sold Out. Alli packages the secrets to high performance selling like no other and her sense of humor and no-nonsense approach makes the entire experience fun. It is your practical guide to the art and science of selling and is your high-performance coach that will ignite your creativity and drive to bring out the best in yourself.

“Sold Out is entertaining, enlightening, encouraging and simply brilliant! This book is a must-read for anyone in this crazy, wonderful world of TV sales.”
Sandie Savelli, 30+ year veteran Fashion Designer and long-time On-Air Guest Expert and Trainer
In Alli Mang’s book Sold Out, her insightful and informative style, will guide you through achieving your full potential in sales, whether you are staring at a red light, or standing on a box in front of a crowd of people. Put Sold Out on your Need to Read list!.”
Larry Dawidowitz, Veteran Pitch Master and Sales Expert
“I was learning while reading. So many professionals will benefit from Sold Out! They truly will.”
Richard Nester, 18+ year veteran On-Air Host
“Alli Mang is a pioneer in the business of on-air selling and now, she is about to be a best selling Author. She managed to write a book that combines the memorable excitement of selling products on-air with the overwhelming business preparations necessary in the television home shopping industry. This is the first ever publication that actually explains every aspect of our multi-billion dollar worldwide industry and its challenges. Sold Out is a must read for anyone who is online selling themselves and their products!”
Dallas Prince, Dallas Prince Designs and 15+ year veteran on-air jewelry designer
“I read your book and really enjoyed it! I’m not a big reader so that’s a big compliment. Well done!”
Chris Lutes, Sales Broker, Consumer Goods
“I was captivated by your book. I read it in 2 days and it held my attention as if you wrote it for me only.” My experience as a guest expert was intimidating at first and then shortly after I met the amazing Alli Mang on set, she told me about her book. Everything she wrote was geared to my every move, from before it was my turn to perform and sell to the viewers, right up to the end of my air-time. Because of the coaching in her book, the first time that I was on, it went like a script (that I wrote) then as time went on, that script became a conversation with the host that I was able to gear towards the features and benefits of the product. As Alli said, something just clicks and this is what happened to me. As I did my first Showstopper, I came geared with a game plan and enthusiasm and I had my very first “sold out”. Thanks Alli for writing your book Sold Out and making my experience so much easier. I still refer back to the book for insight.”
Jillian Danford, TSC Guest Expert
“Sold Out is the book to buy to learn how to sell! Learn from the expert that shares her secrets in a step-by-step coaching guidebook. Her organized charts provide concrete examples for a multitude of scenarios and the examples of the “game face” bring you right into center stage to apply your own vision and purpose to bring your products to the consumer. I’m giving a book to every one of my clients – it’s that helpful!”
Christine Nugent, Director of Sales
“Your themes and ideas in Sold Out are so fresh and intelligent. It will help so many people tap into their true capabilities.”
Celeste Poltak, Partner, Koskie Minsky
5 days before Joan Rivers died September 2014, Joan bought my first book Sold Out and wrote a message to me.
She knew me from Today’s Shopping Choice TSC and made such an effort to show her signature genuine spirit and
support of women entrepreneurs.
Joan Rivers
“Pick up a copy of Alli’s book “Sold Out”. It is world class and a great read. An encyclopedia on how to connect, sell with integrity and it is highly instructive. She is also really funny. So, you’ll be laughing while you’re learning!”
Frank Gump, The Frank Gump Agency

Multi-Million Dollar Seller Helps Out-of-Work Professionals
Get Noticed and Get Hired!

This concise book is filled with easy to apply results oriented principles to help you identify, celebrate and own the power of what makes you a stand out. Your First Moment Earns You More Moments is an urgent call-to-action to understand how to sell yourself: who are you, your personal values, your expertise, your mindset and your reputation – which is your personal brand. It is the culmination of the totality of all of your professional assets and is tied directly back to what the title of this book is: Your First Moment – [pre-promotion and delivery of consistent excellence] and Earns You More Moments – [the score sheet that tells you how well you are doing the first part]. It is a highly instructive read as well as a reference book containing numerous levels of understanding, insight, guidance and creative thinking that will help readers at various stages of their professional life. Finding meaningful employment is difficult enough but to do it without fully understanding how to sell yourself because you aren’t clear on what differentiates you, makes it virtually impossible to get hired in today’s global job market.

Today, when we have access to almost everything a buyer, a customer or decision maker could ever want in the world, your priority is to figure out what your personal brand is. If you are just starting out in your career or are much more established but have never thought about how important personal branding is for your success, start figuring it out right now. This clarity and focus will make it easier for others to find you, hire you and promote you with confidence. When you clearly understand what makes you unique and marketable, you are well on your way to establishing your winning personal brand!

Multi-Million Dollar National Brand Spokesperson, Headlining Entertainment Manager and 3-Time Author, Alli Mang is an award winning, results-oriented sales and personal branding expert. She helps her clients capitalize on how to sell themselves with optimal success. She has built her 31+ year career thriving in a working environment where the pressure to deliver results is measured by the minute; not by the day or the week. Her success stems from working on both sides of the entertainment industry – as producer of multiple concert events, as performer/actor in nearly 100 National commercials, stage productions and TV, as well as clocking in over 1400 hours of LIVE television, unscripted hosting on the worldwide home shopping market. Alli is also the Director of The Leanne Mang Foundation Inc., dedicated to providing grass roots support for adolescents dealing with mental illness with a focus on suicide prevention. Alli Mang’s other books include: Sold Out, How to Reach Your Full Potential in Sales; Your First Moment Earns You More Moments – Stand Out in Today’s Job Market and her newest book, which took her almost 20 years to write – My Force of Life – Living Through the Loss of a Loved One.

Key Benefits for Readers

1. Create a customized plan of action to help you better your current professional position right now.

2. Know how to sell, present, promote and pitch your expertise in a winning way to get jobs, leverage your current situation and further your career in a meaningful way.

3. Create your winning personal brand and marketing toolbox that will immediately get you noticed for the right reasons by decision makers.

4. Easy to apply, tested and proven, results-oriented branding, sales and presentation strategies.

5. Fully understand the principle and the secret to the greatest sales technique in the world which educates you on: How to handle your preparation, choose to think and act with positivity, and how to leverage that knowledge to better your current professional position.


“It took me 13 years to learn the principles that Alli Mang has outlined in her book, Your First Moment Earns You More Moments. It was my last Olympic games up against the best field ever assembled in an Olympic Hurdle Final. Failure after failure was just a learning experience that had prepared me for this moment. I had put my faith in an environment, in people, and in a team that took me a lifetime to assemble. Whether you are an entrepreneur, have a job in which you feel stuck, or are someone whose busy life has taken precedence over goals and dreams, this book is definitely for you. Not only will it motivate and inspire you, but it will lead you to the results you want!”
-Mark McKoy, Olympic Gold Medalist

“Alli gives you simple problem solving procedures on how to deal clearly with issues that sometimes can keep you up at night. She also provides what I believe to be one of the more creatively unique ways to quickly capture the essence of your passion which will help you embrace whatever challenge is thrown at you. Your First Moment Earns You More Moments exemplifies exactly what I believe creates successful leaders and innovators in order to become empowered thinkers and doers. Empowered people feel they have the freedom to act and think in unique ways that allow them to stand out and take action in memorable ways.”
-Justin Sachs, CEO Justin Sachs Companies

“Alli Mang has done it again with her signature best friend style of writing! She provides a succinct and thorough roadmap for anyone who is looking to get work, market themselves and wanting to better their presentation skills. This is a must-have-book that is not only reassuring and motivational, it is also highly relatable, specific, solution-based, relevant, informative and educational.”
STACEY SCHIEFFELIN Founder and CEO, ybf Beauty
“Whether you are an entrepreneur, have a job in which you feel stuck, or are someone whose busy life has taken precedence over goals and dreams, this book is definitely for you. Not only will it motivate and inspire you, but it will lead you to the results you want.”
MARK MCKOY Olympic Gold Medalist
“Alli provides what I believe to be one of the more creatively unique ways to quickly capture the essence of your power which will help you embrace whatever challenge is thrown at you in business. This book is a must read!”
JUSTIN SACHS CEO Justin Sachs Companies