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Sold Out

Your First Moment Earns You More Moments

My Force of Life

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“In Alli Mang’s book Sold Out, her insightful and informative style, will guide you through achieving your full potential in sales, whether you are staring at a red light, or standing on a box in front of a crowd of people. Put Sold Out on your Need to Read list!.”
-Larry Dawidowitz, 50* Veteran Pitch Master
“I was captivated by Alli Mang’s book Sold Out. I read it in 2 days and it held my attention as if she wrote it for me only. Everything Alli wrote was geared to my every move. Because of the coaching in her book, the first time that I was on-air, it went exactly as she told in the book. Thanks Alli for writing your book Sold Out. I still refer back to the book for insight.”
-Jillian Danford, VP Sales and TSC Guest Expert

“WOW is all I have to say. Your First Moment Earns You More Moments is an outstanding book! It is absolutely chock-full of advice, information, principles and wisdom on how to sell yourself. It is absolutely loaded with actionable material that will get the reader up on their feet to apply all the “good stuff” author Alli Mang offers. The stories that she sprinkles throughout are most effective. They play a very important and positive role in the material by presenting a lighter touch to accompany many features in the book that are highly thought provoking and educational.”
-Mark O’Mara

My Force of Life is a brilliant exploration of the heartache you feel when you lose a loved one. Alli Mang’s writing style and rhythm creates palpable images and insights that is a delight to read.”
-Wayne Paul
Alli Mang’s story telling is poignant and highly relatable. Her showbiz friends and the raw images she captures brings an extra flare to the story that touches the heart deeply. My Force of Life is about living and loving life as much as it is about working through the feelings of utter sadness that comes when you love someone more than yourself.”
-David Crossley

Award winning author Alli Mang is a dazzling and inspiring presenter who entertains and captivates her audiences. If you are looking for a speaker who can connect with any audience and you want to add something dynamic and different to your line up of speakers, hire Alli.
Raymond Aaron
“Alli Mang is an expert and highly regarded on air professional. I consider Alli to be one of the finest on-air guest professionals in the business.”
Kim Mendelson
“Alli Mang’s energy heightens the level of entertainment at our events and that’s why we have welcomed her back to speak. She belts out tunes like a rock star. She sparkles and makes you laugh while at the same time, provides refreshing customer and sales strategies that attendees can apply to their businesses immediately. “
Stacey Schieffelin – Co Founder of Women’s Leadership LIVE