A Personal Note from Alli…

   I’ve always loved writing (although mostly as a diary writer as I navigated my young world through the regular challenges of growing up). My first professional writing gig came as a technical writer for a private palliative care home. I was hired to create a full manual of every duty of every employee and operational mandate within the facility. It was so much fun trying to figure out how to convey extremely important details to other professionals so that they felt like experts after reading the manual. From that experience I wrote many more operational manuals ranging from health club standard operating procedural manuals to comprehensive product manuals for a North American steel fabricating company who sold more than 1000 SKUS (before the internet was even thought of!).
   My three books are actually love letters and thank you letters to both my parents. Both of them were fearless leaders and intense visionaries who excelled immeasurably through their lives. I learned everything about what I do now and who I am as a woman and entrepreneur from my mom and my dad. The legacy of love and knowledge while elevating the experiences and lives of those we have the pleasure of touching, is in my opinion the only thing that matters in the end. I thank you for stopping by!